Perfect sidearm, ultimate CQB setup or full blow DMR. Make it your own.
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Convert any SSX23 / MK23 into a primary rifle - regardless of your play style! It's the most lightweight and solid kit on the market.

SSX23 / MK23 is undeniably the king of stealthy and long-range shots and this takes it to a new level!

100% modular

Every part is sold separately so you can build your own perfect setup and upgrade / change it down the road any way you want it!


SSX23 with a folding stock, mini red dot and a seamless frame rail for flashlight. Fits perfectly in the DTD Holster.



Clear corners like a boss with a folding stock and full length top rail. Angled Spare Mag Holder allows for lightning quick reloads and incredible ergonomics.

It's super rigid and looks incredible.



This will be balls-to-the-walls DMR based on the SSX23. Kitted out with Buffer Tube and M4 stock and M-LOK handguard and 300mm inner barrel.


Since the kit is fully modular, there are infinite combinations you can build with it. We suggest taking a look at some of the sample builds above.

Core Mount is the center piece on which the kit builds upon. After that you can select which stock, which rail options you want and go from there.

In case there's another product required to use said part, it will be mentioned in the product description under "requirements".

Yes, it does!

Some parts have Tokyo Marui specific versions, so make sure to select the right variant on the product page. Also make sure to select the Plastic Slide version of the Core Mount (unless you have upgraded it to the Novrtisch SSX23 Metal Slide).

Yes, it does!

SSX23 is built in the same factory as the other popular MK23 clones, so the lower is identical. However you will need to either change the slide to Novrtisch SSX23 Metal Slide or pick the Core Mount version made for plastic slide.

SSX23 / MK23 platform uses VSR10 style cut inner barrels. This means you can buy any barrel made for VSR10 and it will be a drop in fit.

The optimal length for SSX23 / MK23 is 300mm. The platform doesn't have enough air volume to make use of longer inner barrels and you will start losing power output.

On the MK23 platform, you have 4 main variables that affect the power output:

  • inner barrel length
  • gas strength (or HPA)
  • hammer spring strength
  • nozzle set (only to reduce output)

The first thing you can do, is to increase the barrel length. This will boost the power usually from around 1J to 1.5J on green gas.

You can also use stronger gas to increase power output, however, the original hammer spring in SSX23 / MK23 is too weak to overcome the pressure and open the valve. Therefore you will need to use a stronger hammer spring if you want to make use of stronger gas. You can either purchase SSX303 Trigger Assembly that comes with stronger spring or you can purchase our hammer spring set and upgrade it yourself.

And lastly, if you've increased the power output too much and wish to fine tune it (this only works by reducing it) you can get yourself SSX Nozzle Set by Novritsch to limit the gas output power.

Yes, you can! It's just a regular AEG buffer tube mounted with a single screw.

The only reason we sell it as one piece is due to varying standards used in the industry and making a universal adapter that would work with all buffer tubes, would have been very tricky. Therefore we chose to provide you with one out of the box for a perfect fit.


Check out what some of the guys had to say about it. These showcase some of the builds you can do with this kit.