Trying to keep up with demand

Trying to keep up with demand

For the past 3 months you guys have been killing it with the orders. We are consistently getting 100+ orders every month which is incredible. But this has taken a toll on me - I've been basically doing just that - packing orders all day, every day... And that left me with no time to work on new products which is the most exciting part of the whole operation.


Something had to be done...


Today marks a big milestone for us - after weeks of preparation, we are finally switching to a fullfilment service. This means that all of our products are sitting in a warehouse and waiting to be shipped 24/5. Not only this frees up my time by A LOT but the orders will be shipped out much faster - very likely the same day or day after. It's a win-win!

Also, TDC 2.0 PRO. We clearly underestimated the demand and the first batch of PRO units flew off the shelves. We've been doing our best to get them back in stock and keep them there. We are also in the process of moving the rest of the parts to being fully CNC machined - samples are already ordered but it will be a while till we get the production versions so we might run out of stock again some time soon.

(Stupid planning and stuff 😅. So hard to predict the future and get everything done perfectly.)

We're also excited to bring the VSR10 fully compatible versions of the TDC 2.0 to market. It's actively being developed and we're likely looking at November launch!

This year has been a blast so far and Thank You for supporting us! 🤜🤛


P.S. Oh and we also have a ton of SSX23 products coming in November/December too 🤫...

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  • Jesse Martin

    When will the Action Army hop tdc 2.0 pro be back in stock it said mid April and April is coming to an end?

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