There's so much to cover that I'm not sure where to start... 😵 This is by far the most ambitious and complicated project that we've taken upon. So here we go.

Bit of a Backstory

After seeing that the SSX-303 was only available as a full gun, we knew there's still gonna be ton of people craving for a proper carbine kit and we took it upon ourselves to create the best kit we possibly could while keeping it affordable, made mostly out of metal parts and those few parts we need to print, would be made out of extremely high quality MJF/SLS Nylon (you really can't tell that these are printed in any way). Oh... and we wanted this kit to be fully modular and with a folding stock, too. 😅

So fast forward a few months and here we are - most designs are 95% finalized and ready to be put in production. But since the start the scope of the project has grown at least three-fold which means we have to make some adjustments in how we plan releasing and funding this project.

Two Part Launch

Looking at all the products we've designed and want to bring to the market it's clear that 1) we don't have the funding at the moment to make all of the things at the same time and 2) we would have to push the release back at least 2 months due to the upcoming Spring Festival in China and needing to do final checks so we don't rush unfinished things out the door. Due to this we have decided to split the launch in two parts - this way you'll be able to order essential pieces faster and we will be able to put the earnings towards further development and manufacturing. Win-win.

So here's how we're planning to split the product releases:

  • Part One (January March release)
    • Folding Stock Mod for SSX23
    • Short Picatinny Rail
    • Extended Picatinny Rail
    • Angled Grip / Magazine Holder
    • Front Picatinny Bottom Rail
    • Side Stabilizers (these will connect Extended Rail with Bottom Rail or Magazine Grip to lock the slide together with frame increasing rigidity by a lot)
    • Picatinny Risers for Micro Red Dots
    • Maple Leaf inner barrels in lengths up to 200mm or 250mm
    • Bunch of smaller SSX23 accessories like hopup thumbscrew,  mag extenders, stubby grips, etc.
  • Part Two (March-April  2021 release)
    • M4 Buffer Tube version of the Stock Mod (it will be quick-swappable with the folding version)
    • Several M4 stock designs to choose from
    • Outer Barrel Extenders (50mm, 100mm, 150mm)
    • Custom Aluminum M-Lok Handguard (this will be big enough to fit the SSX23 modular suppressor fully inside if that's what you want)
    • Maple Leaf inner barrels in lengths up to 350mm
    • Compatibility to use both Stock Mods with plastic slides (not confirmed yet - but there will be always option to buy the metal slide from Novritsch to use this kit)
    • Assortment of M-Lok accessories
    • ???

The whole kit will be 100% modular and each of the parts will be available for purchase separately. We tried to split the releases to make as much sense as possible based on the design readiness and their purpose.

In the Part One of the release you'll be able to get most of the badass features of the kit but you'll be a bit limited in the inner barrel upgrades since there will be no extenders or handguard available at launch.

And in Part Two you'll be able to finalize any ultimate builds with the custom handguard and outer barrel extenders as well as get the fixed M4 stock option which will suit more players generally and give more customizability in terms of looks.

Reserving Your Spot

Generally we never like to do any pre-orders when the products are not ready to be shipped - and we do this for a reason. We are already working under huge pressure as we want to get more awesome products out there while still fighting daily struggles of running a business. And by taking your money early, we are essentially putting ourselves under even more pressure to release products faster and that's not how we like to do things here. We only release products when we feel like they are ready and we are confident that you will like them.

But this time it's a bit different... We are super confident in our design and we are planning to order the final parts in upcoming days. To help us fund this project as well as let you secure your spot in the first batch we are opening up option to reserve your spot.

These will be non-refundable deposits in a form of a gift card. You will be able to use the full amount towards the kit or any other item on release OR if you decide that you don't want to wait for the carbine release, you will be able to use the deposit just like a gift card at any point in our shop (these won't have an expiry date) but you will obviously lose your spot in the queue. There will be a limited amount of these available so if you want to secure your spot for the January batch - this is your chance.

We won't be offering refundable deposits like Novritsch for two reasons - a) we don't have the capacity to handle communication regarding the refunds and b) we don't want to put extra pressure on accounting for the time being. 

On the release - those with active gift cards will have 72h to complete their purchases ahead of release. You will be allowed to buy only 1 of each part, so if you want to buy more than one - you'll have to buy one gift card for each set you want to buy.

Now that we've laid out all the details, you can go ahead and reserve your spot here for the price of 60€ (reservations have been closed). This is approximately the price we are expecting the Folding Stock Mod to go for without any rails and accessories - this would be fully usable just by itself as a very minimalistic sidearm for snipers.

Final words

We are insanely excited for this release and we can't wait to get these in your hands. This has been in the works for the past 6 months or so, and it's super cool to see all the excitement in the community. We want this to be the go-to kit for the SSX23 (for those who can appreciate the nano design esthetic of course) as well as having all the accessories you would need to build out an ultimate carbine kit out of your pistol. Who knows... if this goes well, we might be looking for our next victim for a similar project... 😏



  • Brian V

    Any chance there will be a restock on the ARES folding stock? Would love to have a short portable carbine ready to go as a secondary!

  • Lee Joslyn

    I want one!

  • João Moreira

    Guys, I live here in Brazil and we have a great difficulty getting parts to upgrade, it was with great satisfaction when I saw that the TRIDOS people deliver their products to all countries, I bought the Complete Kit of the Ninth SSX23, I recommend it, it’s fantastic, Congratulations TRIDOS.

  • Marcel Wilhelm

    Hey Guys, when do we have to expect the DMR handguard for the ssx23 Nano kit?

    Greets from Germany

  • Tudor

    Can I run it with iron sights ?

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