SSG24 / SSG96 Speedloader Adapter
SSG24 / SSG96 Speedloader Adapter
SSG24 / SSG96 Speedloader Adapter
SSG24 / SSG96 Speedloader Adapter
SSG24 / SSG96 Speedloader Adapter

SSG24 / SSG96 Speedloader Adapter

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  • 1x adapter
  • 1x M2.6x10 screw
  • 1x 6x1 o-ring

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Superior SSG24 / SSG96 speedloader adapter in every possible way.

This was designed for SSG24 but it also works with SSG96 and Steyr Scout magazines.

Permanently attached

No more gluing or hacking. Attaches directly to speedloader and held in place with a screw. Compatible with most speedloaders on the market.

Super low profile

Same width and height as the speedloader. Adds only 8mm to the total length. This allows for the speedloader to be carried even in hard-shell pistol mag pouches with friction fit without issues.

Every BB counts

The adapter has lips that grip the last BB in place so no ammo is wasted. The adapter is made from ABS which is soft and will not damage the surface of the BB.

What about Full Thrust?

Just select the Full Thrust version. And no - the versions are not interchangeable - Full Thrust will only fit on Full Thrust speedloader and vice versa. Currently this only applies to SSG24, as SSG96 doesn't have FT kit right now.

Customer Reviews

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c (England, United Kingdom)
Works perfect, cracks easily

Works perfectly, but anything more than finger tight on the **** will cause a fracture along the layer lines of the print, but this could just be an unlucky bad print. But bear this in mind when assembling it. If this is a known issue I would like to see it rectified if possible, however it won’t stop me purchasing another one in the future as it doesn’t stop it from working (in my case at least) and super glue is probably all it needs.

This is covered under warranty and we would like to ship out a replacement your way. I've reached out to you via email to arrange it. Sorry for the trouble!

Dusty M.
Better then expected

I finally got around to getting one of these speedloader adapters for the ssg24. And boy it's super convenient. Unlike loading let's say the ssg10/vsr10 mags for example this adapter feels like it hugs the mag so you don't slip and spill valuable sniper bbs. It feeds exstreamly smooth out if the box once you install this to your speedloader. I'm super satisfied simply because I no longer have chipped nails loading my mags. And even the mag loading adapter for the modify/ssg24/tac338 dosent feel as smooth as this. Plus you would have to hang on to a separate peace. This tridos adapter however just pull out the speedloader, insert on your mag and start filling. No mess, no slip ups and easy as 1,2,3 then put your speedloader away. Hot dam this made my life soooooo much easier. It's a definite must have. I can't wait to get the full thrust version of this and not worry about burning my time in the safe zone loading my mags. More feild time and more sniping time haha. You NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE if you run this type of sniper. I can't say anymore other then just buy one!!!!!

Alex o.P.
Convenience reloading matters

Adapter fitted to standard speed loader as one entity is better vs other speedloader.
Reloading is way much more convenient and less hassle, be it in middle of field or preparing during break.

Dont miss this great item.

Daniel W.(.S.F.
Can it be easier to reload a ssg24 mag?

No, as the headliner says. This is a must have solution for reloading your ssg24 mags. Fast reloading and no more plunder.

Save time, more gameplay and faster back to the field.

Low cost for much worth of every €

It takes speedloading to a new level every one with ssg24 now about.

Don't trust me? Give it a go and hit a review about your experience


It just works