Flux Trigger for VSR10 / SSG10 by Namech
Flux Trigger for VSR10 / SSG10 by Namech
Flux Trigger for VSR10 / SSG10 by Namech
Flux Trigger for VSR10 / SSG10 by Namech
Flux Trigger for VSR10 / SSG10 by Namech
Flux Trigger for VSR10 / SSG10 by Namech
Flux Trigger for VSR10 / SSG10 by Namech

Flux Trigger for VSR10 / SSG10 by Namech

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  • 1x flux trigger
  • 2x M3 mounting screws (VSR10)
  • 2x M4 mounting screws (SSG10)

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→ Available in U.S. from namech.design

Revolutionary airsoft sniper trigger for VSR10 / SSG10 that uses magnets instead of springs and a bearing to eliminate cylinder scratching once and for all. 


→ Batch 1 is NOT compatible with SSG10 A1 style stocks out-of-box
→ Trigger needs to be pulled completely for sear to reset reliably
→ This trigger does NOT have safety switch built-in
→ Cylinder slot might need to be sanded one last time

Namech Flux Trigger has special mounting holes that make it compatible with both VSR10 and SSG10 screw holes.

→ 100% magnets

The sear and trigger reset are both powered by magnets, so there are no springs that can fail. Trigger also has adjustable weight.

→ Smooth as f*ck

90° spring stopper has a roller bearing on it that eliminates wear and any scratching that can occur on cylinder. It also has bearings on the trigger sear to ensure action remains smooth.

→ Adjustable trigger weight

Trigger features a grub screw that enables the user to adjust the trigger pull. It can be adjusted all the way down from a feather light pull to a more realistic ultra heavy pull.

→ Hardened steel sears

Simulated to handle any spring on the market. Real world tested up to 5J / M220.

→ Customizable

Probably the only VSR10 / SSG10 trigger on the market with exchangeable trigger blades - choose your color and style to match your preference!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
lan L. (England, United Kingdom)
Trigger Happy

excellent piece of kit, manufactured to a very high standard, makes the bolt pull very smooth and quite I would recommend this trigger to anyone with an ssg10 it is well worth the money.

Martin (England, United Kingdom)

I have been using the Laylax Zero trigger for many years,superb trigger.
Along came the Flux. This trigger unit is a work of art. Mine is paired up with a PDI receiver, Laylax teflon cylinder and wasp piston. The pull and push is amazing with the bearing on the stopper. The trigger action is very smooth and adjusts perfectly. Superb service from Tridos as always. I more than highly recommend the Flux trigger.

Greg b.
Great upgrade

Fits really well in my piston on my ssg 10 a3 and the bolt pull feels smooth great upgrade would recommend

Great upgrade so far.

Only thing i have to say is onmy ssg10 A2 the triggerguard has a little bur in the middle that scratches on the tactical trigger enought to hold it back so much that it doesnt reset fully so i would advise to sand the triggerguard a little bit if it has a bur too so the trigger doesnt make contact with it.