SSG96 / L96 Action Army 40rd Magazine
SSG96 / L96 Action Army 40rd Magazine
SSG96 / L96 Action Army 40rd Magazine
SSG96 / L96 Action Army 40rd Magazine

SSG96 / L96 Action Army 40rd Magazine

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These are the Action Army magazines made for L96/SSG96 platform. They are overall higher quality and hold 40 BB's instead of just 21 on the Novritsch magazines while costing just a tiny bit more. These also fix the issue of magazine end bit popping out from the gun. The empty mag indicator also works perfectly with these.

These work amazingly well with SSG96 with one of the following modifications:

  • Swap out mag catch with Action Army one (compatible with Novritsch magazines).
  • Sand the magazine catch hole a tiny bit on the magazine itself.
  • Sand the mag catch slightly on the stock mag catch that comes with the gun.

And yes, these still work with our speedloader adapter and unloader tool!

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Good but feeding issue

The magazin is actually good, safe material and you can feed up your magazin now up to 40 bbs.

On the field i got a lot of feeding issues. I tought it was this one magazine so i ordered 2 more.
After this new 2 arrived i just relized that the bb weight is too high for the magazin. I use 0,46g bbs and the spring in the magazin cant feed the bbs into the gun. Then i tried with my 0,30g bbs and magazin works like it should. Idk the maximum weight you can use.

So if you want to use this magazin, dont use 0,46g bb or higher. Sad for me because for me the 0,46g is the best weight for my hop up and gun.

Mehmet U.
Quality Product

It feeds easily with SSG96 platform. But I recommend to buy it with Action Army Mag Catch, otherwise you may sand the magazine more than enough just like me. I had bought 3 magazines without mag catch. Sanded one and ordered mag catch afterwards. Now the sanded one is useless since mag catch fails to hold the magazine. Other 2 magazines fits great with mag catch. Don't risk it like me, add the mag catch to your basket.

David M.
Best L96 mags ever handsdown!!!

So I received 3 mags with my SSG96 purchase, those mags are good but have 3 issues. A/ the capacity of 20 is lame, cheap L96 rifles came with 30rd mag, so for this being a Novritsch product you expect at least the 30 rd mags. B/ the spring that ejects the magazine is a bit 2 strong and when reloading it sends the magazine flying straight to your hand which might hurt a little, or to oblivion. C/ the back of 2 of 3 mags I got were popping out, which feels uncomfortable at the hand when handling the rifle and also might lead to feeding issues, this last one happens with every L96 I have owned, I was expecting Novritch to fix this with his rifle but nope... Then I got this mags with the Action Army Mag Catch and HOLY GUACAMOLE!!! All of these problems are fixed and more. The magazine 40rds breaks the standard for L96, the spring and ejection plate is well designed, enough force to eject the mag but not that much to make the mag fly. Along with the Action Army mag catch no more magazines popping out of the frame which gives me peace and happiness. The magazine is also semi-clear so you can check the amount of bbs left inside (not like novritch that is almost void smoke). And also the mag is made of great polymer and feels great in the hand during reloads since is texturized on the outside. Long story short, It will make your experience with your L96/SSG96 more pleasant. Since AA products are hard to get, thanks Tridos for selling this out, you made me love my rifle even more!

40 round mag for my SSG96

Unfortunately I couldn't buy the magazines from here, but I managed to get a hold of some here in Canada. I will write a review here since I got the tip from Tridos Designs and very happy with how it performs.
I love the new magazines. As mentioned in the video on YouTube, they are clear and easy to see through and they hold twice the amount of BBs.... Can't go wrong!! Well worth it!! They will work with the stock SSG96 mag holder if you push in and forward on the front side of the mag. You will hear a clear "click". But probably easier to either mod the mags or mag release or get the actual L96 mag release.
Thank you Tridos Design for the great innovative mod.