SSX23 / MK23 CNC Hop Arm
SSX23 / MK23 CNC Hop Arm
SSX23 / MK23 CNC Hop Arm
SSX23 / MK23 CNC Hop Arm
SSX23 / MK23 CNC Hop Arm
SSX23 / MK23 CNC Hop Arm
SSX23 / MK23 CNC Hop Arm

SSX23 / MK23 CNC Hop Arm

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This is an improved hopup arm design optimized for SSX23 (it also works just fine on TM MK23). It's made out of solid CNC machined aluminum and is known to increase consistency of the SSX23 hopup chamber due to having no flex and larger concave contact area.

The design is based on the well known H-Arm by Hadron Designs and improves in several key areas:

  • it's made for a tighter fit for clone (non-TM) hopup chamber so it's always perfectly aligned and centered
  • nub contact surface to bucking has increased by 33% to allow bucking to apply hop more evenly
  • nub height has been increased by 50% to make sure that only the nub touches the bucking and the plate doesn't start deforming the rest of the bucking near nozzle
  • nub is better aligned to the SSX23 / MK23 barrel hopup window
  • start of the nub is rounded to gradually apply pressure to improve hop consistency


This CNC Hop arm will fully work with all these models:

  • SSX23 and SSX23 v2020
  • SSX303 (requires Mini Thumbscrew or shortening of original thumbscrew)
  • Tokyo Marui MK23
  • All clone MK23's like ASG, STTi, etc.


Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Diego M. (Santiago Metropolitan, Chile)
Excelent quality

Presition increase with this piece. Makes ssx23 shoots lasers!

j.h. (England, United Kingdom)
yes but i had to tweak..

i bought 2 of these and paired it with the new kid on the block bucking from 4uad (bought from them soon as they released) great match but for one thing i found it push a little towards the front of the bucking causing the opening to deform a little when the hop is added, so i took a dremel to it and had about 1mm off the nub, now it works great and push in the right place to match the quantum bucking, i also found they needed a little filling around the edge to allow the nub to move nice up n down with the tdc it was a little too tight in my tm and my asg, but im sure not everyone tunes there pew i found they work as is but i like to tune to get things right .
i then used the trigger upgraded springs which works great in all 3 of my mk23 (tm&asg) no hassles fitting them, now i dont have to tweak my own hammer springs. good thing tridos made these as i did ask another airsoft spring maker to make some 4 years ago and he wasnt interested so i had to tune my own... now its just buy from tridos simple....

Made with precision, but...

Sits perfectly in ASG and TM, but totally over hop even without the hop screw - 0.4g BB flying after 30 - 40 meters to heaven. May be too low gas output. I went back to hadron H arm v2.


Wahnsinnig geil...Maple leaf kann da einpacken

Great performance…

…as well as accuracy and consistency with the Flamingo bucking 50 version in an SSX23 and the 60 version in an SSX303, both with the upgraded hop arm and mini thumb screw - highly recommended !