TDC 2.0 Installation for SSG24

ūü•≥¬†Congratulations!¬†You're now a proud owner of TDC 2.0 and soon you will be shooting lasers left and right!

In case you run into any issues - there is a troubleshooting section down below after all the installation steps. Please take a look there in case you think you're doing something wrong or you think there could be a problem with your unit.

1. Introduction

Let's go over the basics - we go over all the parts and their purpose so you're familiar with them:


2. Drilling

Let's get the hard part out of the way. Here's how you drill a hole in the outer barrel using our included drill jigs:


3. Hop-up assembly

Here's how you install our TDC inside the hop-up chamber along with all the knowledge you need to choose the right nub:


IMPORTANT NOTE: Hole on the plastic insert is smaller than the thumbscrew by design! During the first installation the screw cuts a thread in this hole which creates friction so that the screw doesn't turn by itself - it can be really hard to screw it in for the very first time. Please see a video under troubleshooting section explaining this more in-depth.

4a. Final assembly for BASIC version

Here's how you install the BASIC version of the TDC 2.0:


4b. Final assembly for PRO version

Here's how you install the PRO version of the TDC 2.0:


You're done!¬†ūü•≥


We tried to cover all the common issues that users have run into in the past and solutions to each of the problems. If you're not able to resolve the issue on your own - please contact us directly via Messenger on our Facebook Page or via email and we will happily assist you!

Issue #1: Thumbscrew is not going in / it's hard to turn it!

It's normal that first time the screw is very hard to install but we assure you it's by design and the hole should be smaller than the screw at first. We also go over techniques on how to loosen up the screw more quickly to your liking.


Issue #2: BB's are over-hopping with hopup turned completely off / thumbscrew removed entirely!

In this video we cover how to debug the issue with TDC 2.0 in some cases where after installing it, it's over-hopping BB's even when no hop is being applied. This issue can be especially sensitive to r-hop patches. There is an easy fix for this issue that we go over. All you need is a small flat head screwdriver.

Issue #3: The nubs are not going back in by themselves. Is this a problem?

No, this not a problem as some people might think. In the video we cover how the nubs work and explain why this is not a problem and it's supposed to be like that.

Issue #4: Hop-up doesn't want to go back in outer barrel!

In this video we go over how to fix the problem where after installing the TDC 2.0 parts inside the SSG24 hopup chamber no longer can be put inside the outer barrel. There are two potential issues to check and solutions for both of them.

Issue #5: Drilled hole is quite a bit off from where it should be!

This is a very rare case and we haven't been able to reproduce this issue. If your hole is off by around 0.5-1.0mm, here's a few ways how you can fix the issue.

Removal and Re-installation of Pro Housing

In case you want to remove the housing and transfer it to a different barrel, or you just messed up the installation, here's how you do it the right way: