Instructions - M4 Adapter for SSG10 / VSR10

🥳 Congratulations on purchasing the M4 Adapter for SSG10 / VSR10! Below you will find everything you need to know on how to set it up properly for your first time.

1. Magazines

Not all M4 magazines are capable of reliably feeding 0.40g+ BB's. To avoid any possible issues with using the adapter, we strongly recommend to use high quality M4 magazines with strong / reliable feed springs. Some known good magazines:

  • PTS EPM / 150rd
  • PTS EPM1 / 250rd
  • PTS EPM1S / 170rd
  • ARES Amoeba Short / 120rd

2. First time setup

2.1 Install front block

Due to different brand replicas, there can be minor differences in latching height for the magazines. This is why sometimes some VSR10 magazines need sanding to make them fit. We ship the adapter with 5 different height blocks to choose from to account for this.

Start out with block size #3 - use the included screw using 2.0mm hex key and make sure that the number on the block is facing upwards (you should be able to install it only in one direction - do not force it).

Test fit the adapter in your replica:

  • if there's up and down movement in the front and it feels a bit loose → install one size up
  • if the adapter is not able to latch in on the front size → install one size down

2.2 Adjusting the magwell and learn to use it

⚠ Do not skip this step! Incorrect setup can DAMAGE the adapter or lead to misfeeding.

 2.3 BB stopper spring upgrade

⚠ This step might be optional depending on your replica!

On some VSR10 / SSG10 replicas, when using M4 midcap magazines the BB stopper spring inside the hop up chamber is not strong enough to counter the feed spring inside the magazine - in which case it will cause the replica to double feed or jam! 

Every adapter ships with a stronger BB stopper spring that we've tested to work even with the strongest M4 midcaps on the market.

Before making any changes, just install the adapter, fill up the M4 magazine to full capacity and try shooting:

  1. If the gun is cycling properly and not causing any issues or double feeds → you are good to go!
  2. If you are having issues with double feeding or jamming between shots → install the spring that comes included.

To install the spring, you will need to disassemble your hopup chamber (if you are unfamiliar with the replica, you can follow the disassembly guide by Novritsch for SSG10). You need to replace this spring with the one that comes included with the M4 adapter: