Instructions for SSG24 Mag Adapter

Starting from November 2019, our adapters come with secondary BB retention mechanism in form of optionally installable o-ring. You can skip the installation of o-ring as the last BB will still be retained by the plastic lips. Under heavy use the friction based design  could wear out eventually, therefore we improved the design with a replaceable o-ring in case it ever wears out too. The grooves for installing the adapter were also improved.

Full Thrust adapters will be updated some time January 2020. They still function perfectly fine.

1. What's included

In the package you will find:

  • 1x Adapter itself
  • 1x Mounting screw
  • 1x O-ring



2. Install o-ring (optional)

To install the o-ring, first we need to spread the adapter open using thumb or some plastic object (using screwdriver could damage the adapter) like so:

Then using tweezers or needle-nose pliers (or some sick throwing skills) insert the o-ring in this place:



This is how it should look when installed correctly: 

3. Install the adapter on speedloader

Align the grooves with the speedloader notches like so:


Now push the adapter onto the speedloader. You can help by spreading the adapter slightly using the thumb method described in previous step (this is especially important for FT and older versions):


The fitment should be tight but if you are struggling and it seems like it's impossible to fit it onto the speedloader, you can take a file or knife and take tiny bit of material (0.5mm or less at a time) away from this surface and try again. This is the main place where speedloaders differ in size:


4. Install the screw

Insert the screw and using 2.0mm allen key tighten it until the small gap in the split line is completely gone. Once you feel the resistance turn the screw just a tiny bit more:


This how it should look like when isntalled correctly: