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This is a digital non-refundable gift card that will act as your reservation certificate in the first batch of TRIDOS NANO CARBINE kit made for the SSX23 estimated to be released in January (we reserve our rights to push the release back for any reason or delays).

Once we release the kit, you will have 72h to complete the purchase in a closed off section of the store ahead of the public launch.

Ways how you can use this gift card:

1. You will be able to use this gift card in full amount towards purchasing the kit at the time of the release. Reservation is only active while the gift card is un-used.

2. If you choose to not get the kit, you can use this as a regular gift card at any point in our store to purchase any of our products. This will void your reservation and you will not have a guaranteed spot in the first batch.

This gift card has no expiry date.

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