Inaccurate delivery estimates

Last September we switched to a new shipping & warehousing company to speed up our fulfillment and shipping times. Due to COVID, the delivery estimates can be significantly longer than what's shown. Right now the estimated delivery times on checkout are not accurate:

  • Flat Rate is usually around 5-60 days instead of what is shown. This is shipped via Latvian Postal service which is basically a regular tracked mail package. Right now there are major delays across the world for mail shipments. Most European countries should have delivery in 1-3 weeks. Everything else is a mixed bag and can take up to 60 days (usually much less then that but this is the worst case scenario, especially for more exotic destinations).
  • Express is usually around 3-7 working days instead of what is shown. Express does not mean that the actual shipping option is called "express" - in most cases it will be FedEx Economy or similar which is still miles faster than postal service. If you want your goods quick - this is the way to go.


If you run into any issues with checking out or parcel going missing, please contact us on Facebook or email.